Stock market fundamental analysis software

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Silvio Sestito member since - SMS Wealth Management. I'm not interested in guessing or making decisions based on my gut.

stock market fundamental analysis software

I want to KNOW what I'm investing in. Rich Gordon member since - Private Investor. Now I devote time and thought to interpretation and understanding. Chris Storm member since - Sable Realty. Eliminate overwhelming and noisy data. Each stock is given a score and rank.

Insight Trader :: Stock Market Technical and Fundamental Analysis Software

Follow up with easy to use and understandable valuation tools. Start making decisions with confidence. Save hours by immediately passing on bad quality stocks. Quickly narrow down a large list of ideas to the most actionable and profitable.

Focus your time on the best stock ideas. Don't blindly buy stocks. Our stock tools analyze the fundamentals, valuation, market expectations and will show you whether a stock is overhyped and dangerous. Clear and transparent instructions allow you to calculate fair value easily and accurately. Use multiple valuation methods to understand stocks from different angles. Equip yourself with the right information. Instead of talking about market fluctuations, you can explain business fundamentals and principals that will impress your friends and family.

We make no excuses or exceptions in trying to solve any problems you have. We pride ourselves on being accessible, transparent, honest and knowledgeable.

stock market fundamental analysis software

I have also been spared many hours of reconciling data from various sources. We are crazy about making sure you are satisfied. Need to contact us? We receive and read all emails. Or call us and talk to a real person. Not an auto responder. At the end of each day, we rank and score all the stocks we cover and provide you an excel file for you to sort, filter and do whatever you please.

A companion ebook to the spreadsheet analyzer. Clear and concise guide on the valuation methods used at Old School Value. An excel sheet which requires zero installation to run. Just enter a list of stocks to immediately populate with key statistics. My wife and I are Christians and our focus is to love God and love people. We are proud supporters of Compassion and are grateful to be sponsoring 8 children. We are ordinary people and understand that we cannot change the world, but we can try.

Call me crazy, but our dream is to one day sponsor 1, children around the world. Thank you for helping us achieve this one child at a time. DEMO FEATURES current PRICING BLOG MORE RESOURCES ABOUT US FAQ CONTACT US LOG IN LIVE DEMO.

Stock grader, screener and valuation tool for busy value investors Discover, interpret and invest in money making stocks with our. Old School Value is used by members of. Actionable and insightful value investing tools to interpret stock data and eliminate complex calculations.

Actionable stock ideas are provided with transparent and easy to understand scoring systems and rankings. Identify which stocks are worth your time to investigate further. Know what to buy and sell 4x quicker than average investors. Quickly calculate what a stock is worth. Get an advantage with value focused, deep fundamental financial analysis. Not on tedious "cut and paste" or weekly data scraping. Your family and friends will love the extra time you have.

Stop stressing over the work required to keep up to date on a stock. DISCOVER VALUE STOCK IDEAS Use our Quality, Value and Growth scoring system to easily find new stock ideas. Discover stocks you never knew about. Easily adjust inputs based on different assumptions. Quicken and deepen your understanding of stocks in minutes. Know What to Buy or Sell in Minutes.

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Easily check fundamental quality metrics like the Piotroski F Score, Altman Z and Beneish M Score. Detect red flags early to prevent buying value traps. Customize and compare data important to you side by side. Focus your time and energy on making better and confident decisions. LEARN ABOUT THE FEATURES. Quickly calculate "what if" valuation scenarios with multiple valuation models.

Multiple easy-to-use stock valuation models to value stocks from different angles. Quickly determine valuation ranges, entry and sell points. Don't invest blindly or second-guess. Use the DCF, Reverse DCF, Graham's Formula, EBIT Valuation model. Automate the valuation process so you can focus on making valuable decisions - not updating spreadsheets.

TRY THE VALUATION MODELS. Pre-built valuation and analysis models so you don't have to waste hours entering data and maintaining your spreadsheets. We give you one that does it all for you.

The included Excel Stock Analyzer spreadsheet is unlocked for you to view, edit and create your own formulas, charts or models. Best for finance professionals and advanced investors. The spreadsheet automatically download 10 years and 16 quarters of data. SEE THE TOOL IN ACTION. Used by all types of value investors For over 8 years we have been providing stock investing tools and fanatical service to people like you.

Thoughts from our value investing insiders. You also get the following with your membership. Supercharge your stock analysis and stock picking today. PRODUCT Demo Features Pricing Resources Blog My Account. COMPANY FAQ About us Send message Refund policy Privacy policy Terms of use. Box Mercer Island, WA OUR MISSION My wife and I are Christians and our focus is to love God and love people.

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