Using quicken to track stock options

Posted: Locke Date of post: 24.05.2017

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Report Post Recommend it! I received some Restricted Stock Options that I want to enter into Quicken so that I can track them.

Frank Denneman

When I go through the wizard, it asks if these are Non-qualifying or Qualifying ISO. How do I tell which I have? The grant documentation that you received should tell you.

Also if your company uses a site where you can login and see the shares, it will often tell you. I'd be willing to bet that they are NQ-RSO's.

Help on entering Option trades in Quicken | Elite Trader

Hi 2gifts, I am late to the party on this thread, and you may have already gotten an answer to your question, but another possibility is that your employer has granted you restricted stock. I agree with xSSMBB that you should be able to find out whether you have options or restricted stock from your grant documents, or from your employer's stock administration group.

I have both options and restricted stock units RSUs.

TMF: entering restricted stock options / Mastering Quicken

My experience is that the Quicken wizard works well for options, but not so well for RSUs. I did not really get an answer, and I do believe they are RSUs. I'm in CA this week, so I can't check the paperwork, but I'd definitely appreciate knowing how you handled it.

The wizard will work perfectly with RSU's as well. When I worked for the INTU, I received RSU's as part of my compensation plan. I created a new account in Quicken and then entered the transaction as RSU's.

Quicken did exactly what it was supposed to when they came due. What version of Quicken are you running? I'm running , and there is no wizard for RSUs, which are what I have. There is a wizard for various stock options, but nothing for RSUs so I still don't know how to enter them.

I'd appreciate if someone would tell me how you have done it so that I can try a similar work around. I am using Quicken Deluxe. The wizard only handles options. Maybe the Premier version's wizard handles RSUs also? If your employer sells shares to fund the withholding, you can just record that transaction after the fact.

If your employer withholds shares, you can enter a dummy sale, and then another dummy cash transaction to reflect payment of the withholding to your employer. Sorry, I was thinking about the Options. When I had RSU's as an Intuit employee, here is how I had the transactions setup. Typically with RSU's you have a vesting period. When you are vested in the transactions a portion of the RSU's are sold to cover the differences for gains. In my example, I was given RSU's in with vesting in and vesting in In , shares vested.

Immediately a portion of the shares were sold to cover the gains and I had 53 shares posted to my account. For the transaction, I put a grant "add shares" transaction for shares on the date of vesting. Then on the same date, I put a sold transaction for the number of shares that were sold and the resulting amount showed the correct sum total of shares remaining.

How to Trade Options: A Beginners Introduction to Trading Stock Options by

I also future dated the "grant" as an Add Shares transaction type for each of those transactions so I knew when the vest would be occurring. I was also granted shares similarly as RSU's in , but alas my time with Intuit came up short and I never got to realize them along with a big pile of options.

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